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Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 Off to a Great Start- Running Very Well

I have to say I am super pleased with the way our Montecito 16-1s played in our first Qualifier at El Camino College. We took 2nd place, and are looking forward to our next tournament on February 20th. Each week, my volleyball team has 6 hours of gym practice, and 1 hour of strength training. One practice is mainly skill/conditioning focused, and the next is more game-like situation and fast-paced drill focused. The 3rd practice is only for travel players and we do a game situation warm-up, and then compete the rest of the time. Strength training during the week varies between strength and plyometrics. Today, we worked on both strength and plyo- we did very well. I am missing 3 players for the next practice (tomorrow night), so my practice is going to be dynamic and varied when it comes to players playing specific positions. I will say that the best thing I could do as a coach is get my players to play multiple positions. I have an outside hitter that I have yet to put as a setter, but I feel like I could at anytime. She has beautiful hands. Maybe next year.

I tried something new, and I suggest that you try it as well if you can- working out with a new running group. There is a run group in town that is quite competitive, and it grew in numbers after the Inaugural Santa Barbara Marathon, which took place this past December. We did an easy 3.5 mile warm up, and then did 6 1-mile repeats on a trail out north of SB. I finished the day by running an extra 1.5 miles north after the repeats and then the 5 miles back to my car. The entire day with some rest in between took about 2.5 hours. I plan on running again with them, but this entire week it will be raining. I will be running outside as much as possible. I also would love to swim, and this is always possible (keep this in mind) when it is raining.

I just signed up for the Los Osos trail run...25K. I am going to do that in February, the 14th to be exact. This is 1 month out from my Marathon at Catalina. I am training a client for the Chardonnay 10-Miler in Santa Barbara on the 18th of April. That will be my next race after Catalina...which is on the 13th of March. So, about once every month I am racing. I might do some tris this summer, or decide to stick to the Nite Moves series in SB. Those are always fun as well.

Have a great week! Enjoy the rest of your January. Don't forget your strength training!

Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
SB Tri Finishers- Nice Tiles!