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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do What You Are Good At

Just had to throw in this picture of Macca and I from New Orleans...forgot I had it. Makes me smile everytime I see it- not because he is an Ironman Champion, but because it is a really good picture.

Hope all is going well in everyone's training. I am excited for McCray Miller and Anthony Barton at Ironman Lake Placid this weekend- tomorrow actually. Looking for some stellar performances- they have worked so hard.

I wanted to blog about a few things...mostly because I have had a few long runs this week, and they have not been super "planned" in any particular race program put together for myself, by myself. I, in fact, ran because I was enjoying it. In turn, I met a lot of people on my runs that I piggy-backed on, speed wise. I had fun chasing down 2 50-year old guys, doing intervals along the beach. Hung with them for 20 mins, had a wonderful workout. Copied the interval training workout with my athlete, Amy Mayfield, the next day. That was great. Had a sprint workout yesterday- jumped in at Platinum and did 20 30-sec intervals, in addition to some strength training in between. Then, this morning, ran 9 miles- this afternoon, rowed 4.5 miles. Felt great.

I know what I love- I love going fast. I don't particularly like the slow pace of the Ironman. I enjoy coaching at this level and the half-Ironman level. But, for Coach E- speed is where it is at. I am looking forward to Clearwater, and in the meantime- getting my new Kuota next week, and getting on that when I can. But, I really enjoy running with friends and then rowing- and definitely strength training again.

A new athlete of mine, Sherrie McIntyre, is a great cyclist- just coming off of a calf injury- and is enjoying getting herself stronger on land for her cycling. She will notice a big difference. I am enjoying doing some specific sport stretching and rolling for some clients to help them with range of motion, injury prevention, and overall relaxation.

Get out there and enjoy the fresh air when you can. Do the activities you truly enjoy while staying active and fit. You will be better for it in the LONG RUN.

Coach E

Monday, July 20, 2009

Why you should add ROWING to your workouts for cross training...

If you’re one to always head to the treadmill, bike, or elliptical machine when you get sick of the usual triathlon training regime - Check out why you should give rowing a shot.

1. Total whole-body exercise - your upper body, core and back strength is a huge part of the workout.

2. Improves your coordination, sense of rhythm/pacing, body awareness, and is actually very relaxing.

3. Talk about heart rate training- ou can easily vary the intensity of your workouts
Work harder by: Increasing your speed & rowing faster. Or,
pushing with your legs and pulling with your arms with more power and intensity.

4. Low-Impact to keep knees and thighs safe- injury free. Works both the quads and hammys, while giving your backside an amazing workout.

5. Works your joints in full-range of motion, in a less than full-weight bearing position- which, assists in building bone density.

6. Amazing core workout- your abs will be sore the next day if you do this correctly. Your back gets a great workout as well, which helps with that balance.

7. Rowing is fantastic for developing strong core muscles. If you do Pilates training, or other targeted core activities - rowing is a great additional workout activity to apply what you’ve been discovering about your body.

8. Row for 5-10 minutes before you begin your strength workout- that is also a great idea to break a sweat if you can't or don't feel like running.

Rowers are pretty easy to find at your local gym- and it is usually simple to get on one. Try one today!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Back from Ironman France

Ironman France- 2009- Nice, France

I just got back from completing another Ironman- my 5th, and probably most difficult. I never thought I would do a race and want to quit as much as I did with this one, mainly because of the heat. Great swim, nice bike...and a run that felt like an ultramarathon without any aid. I am a tough chick, but let me just tell you- you can only see so many people puke and poop their pants in front of you before you really start questioning why you are not swimming in the amazing blue/teal water of the Mediterranean instead of completing this run/walk/jog...whatever it was. So, my hopes and dreams of completing this race in a sub 12-hour was now a sub-13 expedition. I did okay, and finished with a smile. I was fortunate to have done such a grueling race this year- now 2 under my belt (grueling-wise). I am starting to believe that 2009 is now the year of the toughest tris for one to complete in 1 year- I should add Silverman to the list, why not??

I promise to update this more about the other adventures we had in Nice. It was such a great experience to have met so many locals, who then remembered me everyday as I walked by- to the amazing people I met across the board from other countries and the USA alike.

Now, I can focus on my athletes as they are about to finish the most important race of their lives at the end of this month- IM Lake Placid. Keep up the great training and remember to cherish each day of health and happiness- after all, that is why we train and race.

Coach E

Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
SB Tri Finishers- Nice Tiles!