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Monday, July 6, 2009

Back from Ironman France

Ironman France- 2009- Nice, France

I just got back from completing another Ironman- my 5th, and probably most difficult. I never thought I would do a race and want to quit as much as I did with this one, mainly because of the heat. Great swim, nice bike...and a run that felt like an ultramarathon without any aid. I am a tough chick, but let me just tell you- you can only see so many people puke and poop their pants in front of you before you really start questioning why you are not swimming in the amazing blue/teal water of the Mediterranean instead of completing this run/walk/jog...whatever it was. So, my hopes and dreams of completing this race in a sub 12-hour was now a sub-13 expedition. I did okay, and finished with a smile. I was fortunate to have done such a grueling race this year- now 2 under my belt (grueling-wise). I am starting to believe that 2009 is now the year of the toughest tris for one to complete in 1 year- I should add Silverman to the list, why not??

I promise to update this more about the other adventures we had in Nice. It was such a great experience to have met so many locals, who then remembered me everyday as I walked by- to the amazing people I met across the board from other countries and the USA alike.

Now, I can focus on my athletes as they are about to finish the most important race of their lives at the end of this month- IM Lake Placid. Keep up the great training and remember to cherish each day of health and happiness- after all, that is why we train and race.

Coach E

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Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
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