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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Training for USAT Worlds...

So, after finishing Oceanside, I had to put the rest of my season into perspective and start planning for some shorter distance racing prior to starting the training for my IMs this summer and fall. I have Wildflower Olympic as a prep for the USAT World Championships in Vancouver, which is in the first week of June. Training for an Olympic distance is a bit different than a half-distance: mainly, because you are increasing the intensity of all of your workouts to increase your speed. I am still doing about 2 hours of total workouts a day- taking one day off- but swimming a lot more than I was prior to oceanside. And, sprinting more- that is, doing more interval work on my runs. I am also working on some quick transitions- and doing sets of 7 miles ride x 1 mile run repeats on the trainer/treadmill (or run outside).

I am feeling really good right now and my energy is good. Hope your training is going well, too. One of my good friends, Peter Mendes, is here this week getting in some training with me, so that is always fun and exciting. We ended up riding yesterday with Rachel on the 25-mile Newhall-to-Saugus-to-Canyon loop. And, today calls for a long swim and a gym workout- with 20 mins of sprints.

Have a great training week. Remember that all of your workouts, summed up, equals how you will do in your next race. So, don't put in junk distance :)

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Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
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