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Monday, August 6, 2007

Barb's Race- 2nd Place!

This past weekend, I had my 2nd Half-Ironman of the season- Barb's Race, held in conjunction with the Full Vineman Ironman. The location of the race was pretty much ideal- held in Sonoma County- swim in the Russian River, Bike around the rolling hills of Sonoma, with a run around the town of Windsor- hilly, to say the least. The weather was pleasant- but 92 degrees. Very warm, indeed. I felt confident, however- as I have been training in the heat for most of the summer. And, mental preparation is key in a Half-Ironman.

I had one of the best races of my life there, as I raced a minute faster than Oceanside- on a tougher course. I took 1st out of the water- swam a sub 28-minute 1.2 mile swim. Then, heading out on the bike, I got passed at mile 2 by a girl that looked like she was in my race, but I wasn't sure. I kept going, but didn't see anyone else pass me. I got on the run, in the heat of the day, and told myself to be conservative for the first few miles. Then, by mile 6, I would pick it up. Well, I picked it up by mile 4 and I felt great- nothing stopping me after that. I finished and saw that girl that had passed me on the bike finish at least 20 minutes ahead of me. Turns out she is a pro and, wow, did she have a great race. I finished in 5 hours, 8 minutes. And, I ended up 2nd Overall and first in my Age Group. I was stoked!

Wisconsin, here I come...


Gloria said...

Awesome job Erika! You are such an amazing person and an inspiration to so many of us. Thanks for your hard work!

triclancy said...

You forgot to mention your swanky hotel (casa de Clancy-n-Mike) as well as the gourmet post-race dinner! hahaha!! Miss you already! Way to rock!!

Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
SB Tri Finishers- Nice Tiles!