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Friday, August 1, 2008

Training in Malibu with Carol...

This week, I got a lot done. Not only did I have a great week at work, but I was getting excited to visit Carol in Malibu. I had met Carol Montgomery at the USAT Coaching Certification course in Albuquerque and seeing that we lived only 1 hour away from one another, we made plans to meet up a couple of weeks later. I was also not able to race in Barbs Race because I am working on Saturday, so I wanted to make a big weekend of training out of being in Malibu. Friday and Sunday, in particular, will be my 2 big days- 1 big brick day, and then 1 big ride day. On Thursday, Carol and I had a swim at Chris's guest house- a 20-or-so yard pool. Swam for 30 mins. Then, got out, showered up, and hit Duke's up for a couple of beers and fish tacos. Met Ryan and Joey (our 2 waiters) and watched a few people at the bar make-out during dinner. Other than that, not too exciting. But, Bob and Larry (Carol's 2 Standard Poodles) were livin' it up, waiting in the car for us patiently to come out to greet them after dinner.

Friday, August 1st: I woke up at 8am after sleeping in without an alarm. It felt super awesome to get a lot of sleep because I hadn't been getting too much this last week. I got up and Carol and I had coffee and hung out with the dogs. Then, we went out to the beach and ran along the water for 30 mins. Then, we took the dogs back, and I proceeded to run another 40 mins around the neighborhood of Zumirez Canyon. This house, by the way, is absolutely amazing. I am going to take pictures, but haven't yet. Promise I will and post them...stay posted.

Then, after the run, I came back and had a small bit of oatmeal. Then, I went out to PCH and took my bike (my NEW bike- my Kuota Kueen K) out for a 4 1/2 hour ride. I went into Oxnard and rode around...then back into Malibu, went South for a while, then...back to the house. I got in, put my running shoes on, and then went for a little run down by the beach. I ran for a total of 60 mins, and felt AWESOME. My body felt really REALLY good today. I had great nutrition. On the bike, 1 bottle of Gatorade, 1 Clif Nectar Bar, 1 can of Sugar-Free Rockstar, and then 1 unsweetened Green Tea with Energy from Starbucks. I know that I felt really good because my "after" run was very comfortable. So, I will (again) practice this same type of nutrition (little gels..little bars..but still SALT pills- took them every 1 hour today- 3 to 4 pills). But, overall, great day....

Carol and I are now showered and ready to go out to dinner...more blogging tomorrow.


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