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Saturday, October 27, 2007

If the air quality is THAT shitty...

Ok, well you know that L.A. has been burning for the last week. Southern California is a smoke-filled haze that is full of particles that will just eat out away at the Filia in your lungs. (By the way, my condolences to all who have been affected by the fires and/or lost homes- it is a serious tragedy that this region of the country has gone through. Also, mad props to all my fireman friends who are working their tails off, even outside of their jurisdictions to fight these blazes).

I was just thinking today (just got back from a 9 mile run) that everyone now knows what it must be like to be a smoker. That is why I am imagining this feeling like: a one-pack-a-day-smoker. Not good. BUT, I am not diggin running on a treadmill for any more than 1 hour. So, that is my rationale for venturing out today. Don't do it, though.

Anyway, the 5K Team met this morning at my gym, bright-eyed and ready to run. They thought they were going to run outside for one last weekend before the big race- the Santa Clarita 5K on November 4th. However, many of the outdoor activities have been cancelled for this weekend because the air quality is seriously very poor and many people who already have problems breathing (asthmatics especially) should not be exerting themselves outdoors. SO, instead, we set up a mini circuit course inside the gym.

We set up the speed ladder on the ground and made laps around our gym, going quick speed steps, agility drills, and plyometrics through the rungs on the ladder for 10 minutes. They, we sent the 3 groups through a 1:1 (30 secs on/ 30 secs off) circuit of Kettelbell Swings, Powersteps, and Medball throws. In the course of 30 minutes, the entire team was energized and having a blast. Sorry to say that most were more excited about this day than they were just running for 30-40 minutes. I think it was just a change of pace and that is why they were stoked- because we definitely could make the cardio circuit much harder next time :) Then, we will see if they would rather NOT run.

Basically, if you can't take your workout outside, make it fun inside. It just takes a little room, a bit of planning, and 2 awesome strength coaches (E and Mike) to make 1 morning at the gym a blast. Don't make excuses for why you can't get your arse to the gym. You can always find a way to get better- every day.

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Clancy, Mike and I
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