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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

If I Wasn't a Triathlete, I would play...

I really miss playing volleyball. Having played since 6th grade, and have coached since 2001, I realize how much I love the game. I still keep myself pretty involved by giving private lessons to high school players in the Santa Clarita Valley. I absolutely am energized by these girls that I get to work with as they possess that same passion that I had when I played. Now, I was a setter- which means that I set up the hitters for each play as they either swung outside, middle, or rightside. As a setter, you run the offense- essentially, you are the "quarterback" of the team. So, you get to know all of the positions really well. As a coach, that is a major benefit to me. At this current time, I am working with about 8 girls on a regular basis. 3 setters, 3 outside hitters, 1 rightside hitter, and 1 middle. I am pretty stoked about training all of them, as they all are very good competitors and good students. That helps a lot because usually with good grades comes a strong work ethic and that is always so great as a coach working one-on-one with a player. Tomorrow night, I get to go to the actual high school games so I can watch my players play in a game situation. It should be exciting! Anyway, just thought I would restate how much I miss the game and I look forward to playing more in the off-season. If I ever get out of tris, I will make it to the AVP :)

Have a great Thursday!

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Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
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