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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stay Healthy During Holidays!

1. Wash Hands- Can't be said enough! Take the time to wash your hands during this season as many times during the day because with more people sick, the higher the chances of spreading germs!

2. Don't Overtrain- If your immune system is already "down," the last thing you want to do is kick it down even further by working out too hard. If you are not feeling the best, take a few days off. It is not worth it to make it worse by continuing your training.

3. Stay Home- Don't come to work to further infect others around you if you are not feeling like yourself. That is just a way for germs to spread quickly and through as many different places as possible- stay home, get better and keep germs away from your peeps.

4. Take Your Supplements- When you are sick, you are probably not very hungry. So, when you are not getting in your necessary nutrients, you need to think smart and take in your vites via a multi, Omega 3s, or protein powder. Don't neglect your diet just because you are not hungry.

5. Eat Healthy!-AND, when you are eating, you need to eat healthy- lots of fruits, veggies, and NO FAST FOOD! Resist the urge to grab something quickly just because you are too tired to cook a healthy meal. Take the tie and make yourself something good to eat!

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Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
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