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Thursday, December 13, 2007

5 Quickies in Under 30 Mins

So, it is almost time for you to get in the pool again after you have been hibernating all Fall after the end of tri season. BUT, you don't necessarily have enough time (or motivation :) yet to do an 1-1.5 hour Master's Swim Workout. Don't skip your workout- instead, take advantage of what time you do have and try these workouts for a quick 30 mins swim workout.

*Warm-Up: Your warmup for all 5 of these workouts can be as follows:

200 yd Swim (mix drill w/swim)
200 yd Kick
200 yd Pull
100 yd Swim
100 yd Kick
100 yd Pull
Total Warm-Up Yds: 900

Main Set #1: 1250 yds

10 x 50s
5 x 100s
10 x 25s

Main Set #2: 1200 yds

4 x 300s (each 300- split up into stroke- do the middle 100 as an IM). Each 300 should be descending.

Main Set #3: (1500 yds)

1 x 500 Swim
1 x 400 (pull)
1 x 300 IM Stroke Order
1 x 200 (pull)
1 x 100 Fast

Main Set #4: (1250 yds)

50 x 25s (Odds are sprint/Evens are recovery)

Main Set #5:

10 x 50s (evens= pull/ odds= kick)
5 x 100s (Descending- sprint the 3rd 25 yd)
20 x 25s (Every 5- Kick/Pull)

*Cool Down: 200 yds

Have a Great Workout!


triclancy said...

How did you know I've been out of the pool for *gasp* almost 2 months?? Hey, it's damn cold outside! I'd be all for a cushy, indoor pool at this point!! Thanks for the workouts though..they will come in handy Jan. when I rev back up!! Miss you babycakes!! XOXO!

A.B. said...

How about this one (Dynoswim) for workouts?

Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
SB Tri Finishers- Nice Tiles!