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Monday, December 10, 2007

C'mon Baby Light Your Fire...

If you are anything like 95% of every other person out there, you consume more food in the last 1/2 of your day than the 1st half- correct? I mean, who eats a huge breakfast, a good sized lunch, and a tiny dinner- with some smaller snacks throughout the day (if that). Well, if we don't get enough food throughout the day, on a consistent basis, (enough food= clean, healthy food), we lose energy, our metabolism slows down, and we store fat. That is how our bodies work- who wants that?

So, if it is the winter time, and you are not feeling hungry, or craving the wrong foods- snap out of it. I never use weather or the time of year (i.e. Thanksgiving/Xmas) as an excuse to eat poorly, or to eat more carbs, or to drink more alcohol. Not good.

So, if analogies help you out, you can think of your metabolism as a campfire. For a good campfire (your metabolism) to burn, you need to constantly be stoking it with new logs (food). As the logs go on, the fire burns strong and bright. If you didn't stoke the fire, the fire would slowly burn out and then, as you notice the fire about to burn out (your hunger overtakes you), you dump on a bunch of logs (eat a HUGE, non-nutritious meal) and then the fire goes out. This is what most of people do- they put their own fire out. You want to keep stoking your fire!

So, no excuses. You have time to plan your weeks meals/snacks. So, 6 meals a day- roughly 300-400 calories each, keep your protein high (at least 1 g/lb body weight), and watch your sugars and processed foods. You will be golden!

Have a great workout today!

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Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
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