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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Get Buddy-Buddy


You know why the business I am in is worth doing? Well, for more than one reason- more than just the "I help to change our client's lives for the better" each day they are in the gym. More than just the fact that we, as coaches, are the best part of our client's day, every day. More than just the fact that it couldn't be more rewarding than to help people get "fit" and healthy. It is a great job, and I am blessed that I am healthy enough to do it and be a great role model to them. However, what sometimes gets overlooked is that many clients, whether or not they believe it, are actually each other's best motivators. This is a workout buddy of mine, Julie, to the right.

Each day, I overhear others in the gym say things like:

1. Wow, she is really looking good
2. I will come in and do an extra workout if SHE does
3. I want to lift as much as she does
4. I have been eating healthier becuase I learned a trick from so-and-so
5. I want to workout during this hour because this is when "she/he" will be here

These are all different ways in which people are motivated- whether it be extrinsically (influenced by outside sources) or intrinsically (can motivate oneself), it would be great to figure out what works for you. If it means meeting up with a fellow gym member for a walk in the afternoon, or getting up early to meet at the gym to do some extra cardio, do it. Not only are you going to be holding yourself accountable, but you have another person that is counting on you as well (and vice-versa). It is pretty cool when you find a buddy to work with, helping to meet each other's goals.

Have a great reason for getting fit today and JUST DO IT! You will always feel better after you are done.

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triclancy said...

You look so incredibly does your client! NYE is approaching...get your fine bootie up to Nor Cal STAT!! Love you!!

Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
SB Tri Finishers- Nice Tiles!