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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Don't Use the "Weather Excuse"

This entire week, we have had rain in the typically sunny Santa Clarita Valley. Rain to the extent that we have been wet, non-stop, for the last 3 days. My training plan has included everything from my longest brick of the week (2.5 hours ride/45 mins run) tomorrow, swim tonight, and then yesterday- a 1.5 hour ride/30 mins run. The rain is not going to end until MAYBE Sunday.

So, needless to say, these have all be inside or will be inside workouts. Today was the absolute best workout, though- as I ran 10 miles in the rain- torrential rain. I mean, it even started hailing on me, and my feet were soaked at the first 1/4 mile. I have a great rain jacket that I wear, which keeps me wet and from getting too cold. It was a brisk 40 degrees F, so it wasn't like it was a comfortable rain, had I gotten too wet. The cars would drive by and splash me- completely soaked! It was fun, though. I couldn't help but smile and enjoy all that I was experiencing. Even the brief periods of hail was enjoyable. Not at first, but after the first minute- it was fun.

I spent 9 years of my life through college/grad school and then 3 years after in the Midwest. I would wake up at 5am, 3x's a week, to meet our running group at the Y, year-round, and can remember -30 degree wind chill factor days, and that would never stop us. So, I promised myself that when I moved back to SoCal, I would never use weather as an excuse. And, today- I proved that promise to myself to be true. Unless it is unsafe (especially when it comes to the bike), get outside and enjoy some less than perfect conditions sometimes. It will make you a stronger athlete- and, honestly- it is a lot of fun. Plus, it will prepare you for that race day when conditions are less than ideal.

Have a great training day!

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Sinner's Blog said...

Hey there little lady how's it going! It was -30F WITHOUT the windchill for my 12 miler this morning.... stuffing hand warmers down my pants to keep the old man from looking like a smurf:) Neigbors were looking at me weird, but they already think I'm crazy:) Keep workin' hard out there..... rain or shine baby!! Take care and don't be a stranger!

All the best,


Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
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