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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prep for Oceanside Half-Ironman...

I have now seriously started to train for the Half-Ironman in Oceanside, CA, which is now only 10 weeks away. Last year, I finished 14th in my Age Group in one of the most competitive races of the season. Part of what makes this race so competitive (at least last year) was that it was the first qualifier for Kona. They had Kona slots- only if you took 1st in your AG- for Kona at the World Championships. It was nice to think I had a chance to qualify there- I raced like I did. But, after I finished, and realized that I did (in fact) better my 1/2 Ironman time by over 20 minutes, I was happy and set my sights onto Wisconsin (IM). This year, I am going in with the same fervor and excitement, but my focus is a bit further away- looking to peak at Ironman UK and Ironman AZ(II).

I had 2 weeks of fairly solid base training, coupled with some speed/tempo workouts. I am going into my 3rd week and feel pretty good. I am taking today off (Tuesday) as it is my busiest day at work. I plan on using Mondays/Thursdays/Fridays as my long days for riding/bricks, Saturday as my speed day for running, Wednesday as my longer tempo run day, and then Sunday as solid brick focused day. I am swimming 3x/s a week, along with strength training 2 x/s. It feels good to get back into it thus far. Today, however- no training. Only massage- at 3pm. Gotta run!

Have a great workout today!

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BYU said...

Hey, I was in the half iron in oceanside a couple days ago (march 29,2008) also. So, just one question. Are you single? ha

Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
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