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Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm Gonna Talk About Me For A While

This week of training for me has been one of the best I've ever had- I mean it. I've had lots of weeks, like, I know!

The highlights of my week included 3 very hard bike workouts. Last Sunday, we (my amigos from Ventura) rode 92 miles, from Ventura to Magic Mountain and back. I am doing the Solvang Century, so getting in some longer rides is no problem for my training schedule right now. We had had lots of rain Saturday, so we were praying for sun Sunday and that is what we got. Beautiful weather without too much wind, and we had just a beautiful 5 hour ride. When we got done, I put on my run shoes and ran to the pier and back. I felt good, just needed a few more calories. But, other than that, I was good to go.

Wednesday, my coach had some time, so he rode with me on this awesome 2 hour "fartlek" style ride (not to be confused with a far lick) on Foothill road- out and back to the far side of Santa Barbara and back to East Beach. Again, beautiful weather. And, riding with coach, it is always such a treat because he gives me a goal and then mini-goals through the ride. That day, we practiced big gear, out of the saddle style riding, with some in the saddle, high cadence spinning up the rollers. There were 4 times at least my heart rate got above 174, which is pretty legit on that ride. When I finished the ride, I ran my 10K with my boys at East Beach, and killed it. Felt great, but I was tapped out. Nothing left. Gave it 100 percent. Great training day.

Thursday...nothing too amazing to report- except 4000 yards in the pool...getting ready for Friday's ride- again with coach, and the same Friday ride...but now on my tri bike.

Friday (today), the ride was the usual climbs- Gob, 192, Toro, San Ysidro, Cold Springs...and then even a lil APS on the ride home. 40+ miles. I killed it today on the ride, on my fancy tri bike and everything was just feeling super good. I had only 20 miles on the legs this week as far as running goes (tomorrow morning, a longer run of 12-15 miles), so that probably helped. But, I am feeling way more efficient in my pedal stroke on my tri bike because I have been working hard on my road bike.

Overall, I am having a great time learning how to bike better. I alluded the cycling I have been doing before my coach as a young volleyball player trying to just get the ball over the net and in the court...and now, with my coach, I am placing the ball with intention and accuracy and having a specific goal each time I get on the bike. That was not always the case before. I am also eating better and having some down time- learning to take time for myself in preparing workouts and meals..and sleep!

Thanks for reading- if anything, I hope this motivates you to get up and go- on your bike, even if it is just for 10 of the 92 miles :)

Oh yeah, and 100 miles on the schedule for this Sunday... to be continued.

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Clancy, Mike and I
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