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Friday, January 13, 2012

Shifting Gears, Efficiently

So, you think you are gnarly? Can withstand any amount of "road rash" and that you are a complete bad-arse? You bust through super hard workouts, day in and day out, beating yourself into the ground FOR FUN. The harder the better! Periodization goes out the window and MORE is better! Quantity not quality... (you get my drift)...

I was on a run the other day with my buddies, Jeff and Shawn, and we were running a hard 10K at lunch time. I think we averaged 7:20/mile pace, on a somewhat hilly course. But, Zone 3 style running. It was good. On the run, as always, we were talking away, telling stories about the other athletes we know...and the story about a fellow Ironman athlete came up (I will not mention his name). He used to run with "our group," yet he couldn't hang any longer because he was either too serious or too structured to do our simple, fun, up-tempo runs during the day (where most of the guys-yes, I am the only chick- on the runs, were RUNNERS). This "IM athlete" one day just lost it and went off on Jeff..."you are just a SUGAR know NOTHING about Ironmans!!!! you just burn sugar with your running...we go hours and just don't get it."

This made me think. I, at times, wonder why I train for as long as I do somedays. I have 8 hour training days sometimes- and most weeks are more than 20 hour training weeks. I am not a professional athlete, but I sure as heck train like one sometimes. I also work 50+ hours a week. HOWEVER, I hired a coach this week to keep me FOCUSED and get me on the right track as far as my mileage is concerned. Not doing too much at once. Pedaling efficiently. Starting from the beginning... breaking the chain!

I quickly realized something over the last 2 weeks since I have had DS as my coach. I have become a better coach. I have reverted back to many of the original philosophies that I had started to coach from- simplicity and fun. I have found myself having a great time writing programs for my clients with care and detail. I have put together some INTENSE volleyball practices for my MVC 14s teams. I have had a better attitude with my co-workers and I wake up each day feeling refreshed and looking forward to my training. I have had some amazing group sessions with my LAVA volleyball teams in the North at Spectrum Club. I am open to learning, and even more open to giving. It is amazing what things can be done when you step back, analyze how you can be more efficient in your life- and, at times, delegation of duties (even your own) can be so freeing. And, my coach, DS- has been that one I have delegated to- to handle the training sessions for myself, which I have so long taken into my own hands- haphazardly, inconsistently, and, frankly, foolishly- doing too much, too often, and with no focus.

As I sit here, post Friday ride with Coach, I am calm- exhausted, but so appreciative for my health, my clients, my athletes, my family/friends, and my life. Several times on our ride today we had reminders that we are truly in one of the most amazing places on the planet. And, even if it is just for today...I can say that I shared some pretty good times with some beautiful people. And, what can be better than that?

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Clancy, Mike and I
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