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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years "Fun" Ride

I have never riden 100 miles on January 1st. Perhaps it is a foreshadowing to the year before me. I was unsure of the riders that were going to join today, but as soon as I saw the talent show up, I figured it wasn't going to be the mellow ride I initially thought.

My coach said two things to me yesterday: enjoy the ride, and keep the rpms up. So, that was my true focus- RPMs. However, I did get excited today when I saw on my computer that on the ride from Ventura to Zuma and back that I had pushed some strong watts today (high of 455) and close to 200 watt average. The 3 other guys I rode with are part of the Rincon tri club and are all doing Ironmans next year. In fact, Shiggy has completed 37 Ironmans- 30 more than me (but he is a bit older...) and a kicker asser on the bike. It was humbling riding with him today..he is super talented. And, waited until the very end to, what I call, open the hurt locker.

I felt great during the entire ride. Shiggy and I put in an extra 20 miles (after we dropped the other 2 friends off at the cars at the 80 mile mark) and Shiggy, in his best English said, "Erika- we make it hard? or medium?" Dude...I thought, his medium is my hard. So, what the heck is his medium is going to be? Well, there was no choice and the last part of the ride was the hardest and the best. 65 degrees....super sweaty soaked through my 3 layers...3000 feet climbed, and about 500 calories consumed on the ride.

You know what the best comment was of the day? When Shig said.."Erika..all the riders (on PCH) are looking at you...", and I said, "why?", and he said, "Because the girl is pulling the boys." I thought that was pretty cool. And, honestly, I was pulling pretty darn hard from miles 45-66..and it felt great.

I have added 2 races to my calendar- and the one I am super excited about is the Rouge Robaix- it is a 100 mile bike race right outside New Orleans and I am especially stoked because my coach is going to get me in such great cycling shape!! This should be one of the best racing years of my life.

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Clancy, Mike and I
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