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Friday, June 15, 2007

10 Signs You are Overtrained

Today, I had a hard workout. I mean, I had a 5-hour workout, and trained as hard as I possibly could, but it wasn't fun. It wasn't mentally challenging, but it was definitely physically, as my legs were toast from the run I had before our 60 mile ride. I went out this morning at 6am and did a 5-mile trail run. Then, went out for a 60-mile ride with my coach and a few other training buddies. This last week in particular, I have been sneaking in some extra workouts, and honestly, I have been feeling really good- performance-wise and physiologically. However, coach Rachel has reminded me that I can slip into my "over training" mode if I am not careful. So, I have been doing a self-inventory regarding my last week and I definitely have increased the mileage more than the standard 10% increase. I have also not been getting in my maximal amount of sleep. These are all red flags before something, like an injury or sickness, sets in.

I have decided to list some warning signs that you might be over trained, overworked, or in general, stressed-out. Take notice of these signs and get back on track (a.k.a.-take some rest) A.S.A.P.

1. You are too tired to train. You are unmotivated. You don't want to be there.... You are best taking the day off and coming back tomorrow at 100%.

2. You are making bad food choices- craving sweets, fatty-salty foods, and not eating enough. Food is your fuel for performance, so don't make your heavy training worse by making poor choices.

3. Waking up throughout the night, and not being able to fall asleep readily. Your sleeping patterns are going to suffer if you are training too much. Make sure to take time to rest and get proper sleep.

4. Too much caffeine intake (drinking coffee to stay awake). Drinking energy drinks and coffee just to stay awake are not good actions to take if your system is already working overtime to keep you energized. Make water your hydration drink of choice!

5. You are irritable and cranky. This happens to me immediately when I am over trained- and my performance really starts to suffer. Keep yourself positive by taking regular rest days.

6. You can't sleep at all- signs of insomnia. Once again, if you can't even fall asleep easily, you are VERY over trained or stressed. Try sitting in a dark room or reading before bed in a lightly lit room to wind down before bed. Remove yourself from the television before you sleep, as this artificial light will make it hard for you to fall asleep.

7. Heart palpitations/irregular heart rate. Your resting heart rate will increase if you are overtrained. If you notice that this has risen, it is time to take a break.

8. Rapid weight loss...or weight gain. Fluctuations in appetite cause fluctuations in weight. Keep your eating in check- don't be too lazy to not feed yourself or feed yourself crap.

9. Hydration- you are not getting enough water. Drink water- Remember to drink (.6 x Your body weight in lbs) of water.

10. You are not having fun in your workouts! First and foremost, you must have fun and enjoy what you are doing.

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Clancy, Mike and I
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