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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

KONA...3 Days Till Race

Good Morning! Thanks again for even checking in. I appreciate the comments- thank you to the "plane" guys- you should send me your emails so that I can thank you and keep in touch. Jenn- thank you for your comment as well. I am proud of the support from everyone. Know that I will be working as hard as I can and I will try my best.

Today- yes, met Graham again for a run down to the swim. Very light run today though...we swam for about 30 minutes. Then, went up to Lava Java and, today, I had pancakes, egg whites, and fruit. And, 3 cups of coffee. We met Monty for breakfast as well. He rides my bike down from our hotel- about 1.5 miles or so. We don't have a car, so that is most convenient for him.

The weather is still mild. Last night, we met up with Paul, Patrice, Dominic, and the other people from Kuota- and Tri Bike Transport, to have dinner up at their house. They are staying out of town, up at this amazing house. It was great- they grilled and had veggies, with rice, and nice wine. It was nice to spend sometime away from the hotel and meet others affiliated with the race.

This morning at the swim start, I met up with Scott again. He and I always seem to be running into each other. I am hoping we can meet for lunch before the race as long as he isn't doing something with his "team." They have a lot of events planned- mostly to keep up with the Norminator. But, Scott is so down to earth. Would be cool to share some time. Also, saw Bella at Lava Java and we chatted about IM UK. She, too, agreed that it was the hardest course of this year so far- even harder than Lazarote. Partly, because of the conditions, but mostly because of the course. Very very hilly. Hard to get a rhythm at all down. She wished me good luck, and I wished her good luck with her wedding.

People are still running around this town like crazy. Getting in all the last minute training they can. I think it must be such a mental thing. Maybe people gaining more confidence- like they are not already sure that they can swim/bike/run fast enough. Let me tell you- in these conditions. it is not a matter of finishing in a certain time, unless you are a pro and your sponsorship is riding on it. I have written off any of my predictions for the race on a personal level. Honestly, I don't want to put any "time" expectations on me- I just want to plan out my nutrition and pacing. I figure 1.5 gels on the bike an hour, with 1 bottle an hour of less than 100 calorie drink. 4 salt pills each hour on the bike (24 pills total). 2 pills each hour on the run (8-10 pills total). Walk the aid stations of the marathon. Coke a gatorade at each mile of the run. Smile as much as possible. Just enjoy the race and say hi to as many people as possible. Very fortunate to be here.

Today, there is a party at our pool at 4pm. I might meet Lisa today to have lunch nearby. I decided not to ride with her today- she wanted to ride for 2.5 hours. Too much for me a few days before the race. But, lunch is ok.

Thanks again for reading! If you are the guys that wrote to me from the plane, send me your emails. Maybe we can get together for a beer after the race!


Anonymous said...

hi Erika,

we sent you an email.

the belgian guys

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to your blog, Erika. I'm thinking about you and wishing I was there to cheer you on!


Anonymous said...

Hi Erika,

Nice stories on your blog! Did you go to the party at the pool? We didn't find it, maybe we were at the wrong pool...

Good luck at the race tomorrow!

The dutch guys

Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
SB Tri Finishers- Nice Tiles!