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Friday, October 17, 2008

KONA...The day before...

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this down. I have been back now for about 5 days and, let me just say, I had a great time in Hawaii, but I am glad to live in California. I met so many great locals and truly lived in the spirit of Aloha when I was there. It reminded me of when I studied in Australia when I was in college and I made more Aussie friends than American friends- as it should be. Thanks to all the friends I made and am now keeping in touch with via email and facebook. Truly blessed in those regards.

The day leading up to the race (Friday), was very calm. I woke up in the morning and went for a little jog with Monty. He actually ran with me, which was nice. I ran for about 40 mins, ran into Lisa along the way. Then, Monty and I went to eat breakfast and get coffee at the nearby Green Lantern cafe- we, for once, didn't go all the way down to the busy Lava Java. Love that place, but honestly -not the best coffee for the price. Then, I pretty much rested for the afternoon until I went to bike check in..which was interesting. It was funny to see how many people line up to count bikes. I mean, every bike rep was there looking at each bike, and scrutinizing materials, set up, position, water bottles...even the riders. It was quite interesting. Had I known it was such an event, I would have dressed a bit better. I was escorted by a man to put my bike away and then my 2 transition bags. I was set for the next day. It felt good to be done and then, eat a nice relaxing dinner with Monty. We went to Bubba Gumps and I pigged out on a burger and fries. Perfect pre-race food. Protein-fat-carbs- great combination.

I went back to the hotel and relaxed again. I checked my pre-swim bag and got all of my stuff ready, once again. Then, I did something I never thought I would do. I shaved my body. I decided against the skin suit. Everyone was going with one. I had one that Lisa let me borrow- but, honestly, thought I would be fine without it. Monty suggested that I shave, though- everything. Arms, tummy, hands, feet. Why you might ask? Well, because the way the water feels on your body can make you feel a lot faster. I am a sub-1 hour swimmer in a regular Ironman with a wetsuit. I figured I would be anywhere between a 1:10 and 1:15 without a wetsuit- perhaps faster. Depends on how the swim was measured. But, at least I wouldn't have to contend with one of those goofy suits. Honestly - I wasn't looking to get a 2 min advantage in the swim. I could easily make that up somewhere else.

So, after I shaved down, I tried to relax and went to bed at my normal 10 o'clock. 4:30 wake up call. Clif Bar for breakfast, with a Starbucks iced espresso. A banana as well. I was getting excited!!! See you tomorrow...(Race Report to follow...)

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TRi*Tawn said...

Congrats on Kona! Was Oceanside 70.3 the race that qualified you? I'm doing that race in April '09!!

I came across your blog when Googling the Xterra Crystal Cove Trail Run, and your race report from last year came up. You kicked ass on the course - 3rd F overall, wow! It's not an easy one... I just got back from running it today for the first time. That climb at the beginning is insane! Are you doing the race again this year?

Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
SB Tri Finishers- Nice Tiles!