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Monday, October 6, 2008

KONA...5 Days til Race

This morning, woke up to another sunny day in Kona. Yep, still humid. Lots of mosquitos..they love me. I have never been bit so much in my life. So, I am itching a bit. I am trying to sleep with the windows open and get outside as much as possible to get out of the air conditioning. It actually feels pretty mild today. I am also getting off my legs a bit and resting my feet today. Too much walking around during my off time. Want to chill out a bit more...

Monty just flew in, so he will be joining me shortly. I am just getting used to hanging out alone..but now I will have someone to hang out with. Yesterday, Graham and his wife Tracy (my new friends from Toowoomba Australia) went out to dinner and then Graham and I went for a little swim this morning. I don't plan on biking or running today, but perhaps I will swim again. You almost think that swimming is one of the most refreshing activities to do here. I will tell you that it is so hard to not go out and do 5 hour workouts while you are here.

Scott Neyedli and I were chatting a bit before the swim start this morning. He was at the Ironman UK, like I was, and so we were recapping that one and then he was giving me some professional advice for this one. Both he and I agreed that this was the shortest time in between Ironman races that he or I have ever done, but we both agreed that this last week or two that we have been feeling better, as if we can get back to a big block of training. I actually spoke to this guy the other day who was telling me that he PR'd at Kona after doing an IM a month befofe it. I feel condident about the race being so close. My body feels really good. Nothing to worry about.

Last night, I was actually watching TV here in Kona Hawaii, and Saugus High School (my alma mater) was playing football against Notre Dame. It was pretty cool. Totally random, but pretty cool nonetheless. Then, Washington was playing Stanford in a volleyball match on tv. I felt right at home, that is for sure.

Well, I am now waiting for Monty to arrive here from the airport. You have to ride your bike or take a cab around here if you want to get anywhere. Not a big deal, and it beats renting a car for the week. I am still looking around the hotel and so many people are going out for runs and rides.. you would think I was out of shape not doing any training... Some people on their honeymoon. They must have not planned this week out very well.

I will catch up with some more stuff later...sure I will have more to blog about. Thanks for reading!

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Clancy, Mike and I
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