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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

KONA...4 Days Till Race

Today, woke up, made my coffee and met up with Graham again down at reception to run. It is sunny again today, then fades into a gloomy/overcast afternoon at 1pm or so. I felt great again this morning and my blister is finally healing and not bothering me too much. I think the night without the bandaid on helped a lot.

Last night, Monty, Cornelia and I had some pizza and pineapple. Monty shared his best ironman stories with her and she was very entertained. She is racing for the Dutch, but she is German citizen. She is also with the Hannes travel group here. This guy is making millions getting all these people organized for the race. She is probably with about 400 other Germans over here for the race with his group. A very popular organized trip for just under about $4000 US dollars. Crazy!

Spoke with a friend, Lisa Newman Wise, who is here from the EAFB area of CA. She raced in the military division last year, but will be racing age group this year (20-24). Bree Wee (who won my age group last year) is now racing pro. There are some awesome age group athletes here from all over. Just amazing to be with all of them here in one place.

I just purchased some Bob Marley on iTunes...just one of those things when you are in Hawaii... Also, bought some tropical flowers to share with my friends here at the hotel I have met to wish them good luck and thanks.

Today, for "training", I swam with Graham this morning, and then probably ran close to an hour or so. We ran there today. Don't trust riding my bike down to the swim and then letting it stay down there when I am in the water unlocked. A pro's bike was already stolen since being here- not trust worthy. I have also ran back and forth to town to meet Monty for breakfast. Will ride just a little bit with Lisa tomorrow out on the course. She wants to familiarize herself with one part of the course. I will go out a make an easy spin out of it.

I have to go and get my bike checked out. I will drop it down at the Kuota booth this afternoon and keep it there for them to look at it. Also, will go down for my ritualistic shave ice at about 4pm (see pic above). Tonight, Monty and I are going to join the kuota guys and get some dinner with them.

Well, that is it today. Not too much else to report yet..check in for more updates. As always, thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

hi Erika,

we wish you all the best saturday!!
hopefully you make a good result.
we will shout you to the top!!

the guys you met on the plain and on the road in Kona this morning. ( 2 belgian guys ).

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your enjoying yourself and doing some relaxing! We are rooting for you!

Jen Kniss

Anonymous said...

like the blog erika. good luck, bev and i will be cheering from eugene!

Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
SB Tri Finishers- Nice Tiles!