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Monday, July 16, 2007

8 Cool Summer Treats- without the Guilt!

Now with summer in full swing, and your appetite on full-blast for some sweet, cool treats (not a Dairy Queen Blizzard!), you might be wondering what some good choices are as far as being low in calories and fat. I was reading Men's Fitness and they had a great article on icy treats for stifling the summer heat. I thought I would restate them in my blog- you should be able to locate them in your nearest grocer's freezer (see Men's Fitness, August 2007). I have listed them in lowest to highest calorie ranking.

1. Sugar Free Popsicle (Popsicle Brand): 15 cals/piece.

2. Edy's Fruit Bars (Edy's/Dreyer's Brand): 30 cals/piece.

3. Fudgsicle (Popsicle Brand): 40 cals/piece.

4. Yoplait Double Fruit Smoothies Nonfat Frozen Yogurt: 45 cals/piece.

5. Weight Watchers Sherbet & Ice Cream bars: 60 cals/piece.

6. Absolutely Free Gourmet Ice Cream: 80 cals/piece.

7. Eskimo Pie Original: 120 cals/piece.

8. Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino Low Fat Ice Cream Bars: 120 cals/piece.

*There was some discussion about whether or not they tasted as good as they were "low in calories." That will be up to you to decide. If you do get a chance to try a variety, please feel free to comment on them and let me know!

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