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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stop The Bad Talk

Have you ever said any of these 'lead-in' statements...

1. I can't...
2. I don't...
3. I will try...
4. I've never...
5. I don't think...

I have. I am sure you have. I'm O.K. with it, but only once in a while. If you are saying these things on a constant basis, take note. Your thinking controls your feelings. That is, if you are always approaching tasks within the realm of life (i.e. workouts, family, work. friends) with the attitude of "I will let things happen to me" rather than, "I will make things happen," you will- in fact- get what you expect.

It is not easy to think positively. It takes a bit of effort to believe in yourself and sometimes, it is just not fun because not everyone can do it- only about 10% of my clients enter the gym with a bounce in their step and a glow on their face. I try to find a way to motivate them- getting them thinking about a goal for their workout, reminding them that they have 1 hour to give as much effort and energy as they can, or threatening them (in case they don't snap out of their bad attitude) to come run outside with me for a mile, at my pace. They usually chose the former 2 rather than the latter- however, I have been close to dragging a few of my clients outside with me because their negative self talk was just too loud.

So, instead of the lead-ins that you are used to- try these instead:

1. I can't...I WILL
2. I don't...I CAN
3. I will try...I WANT TO
4. I've never...I CAN LEARN
5. I don't think...I'VE GOT MY MIND SET ON

Trust me. You will soon be thinking more positively and it should make a huge difference in how you feel and- best of all- how you look.

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Clancy, Mike and I
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