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Monday, September 17, 2007

Fortune Cookie Says...

A fortune cookie that I opened (and quickly devoured) in Middleton, Wisconsin last weekend a few days before my Ironman said..."Be assertive when decisive action is needed." I, prior to opening it, was saying that I was going to look for an immediate reason for this 1 cookie to tell me all I needed to know before I raced, as if it was going to be the tell-all of the result of the IM. I am not usually superstitious, even though my favorite number is 13, but seeing as though I had this big race coming up and it just seemed proper to read into anything three days prior to it, I let the cookie voice get the best of me. So, of course, I looked into the fortune and thought that being assertive in a race is something that I sometimes struggle with, especially on the bike. I sometimes sit back and let some chicks pass me because I am in a comfortable pace and don't want to push too much for fear I will blow up on the run. Being that I am usually decisive, but have wavering levels of assertiveness in the saddle, I took the advice personally and remember 3 distinct times where I held off a few girls on the ride and finished strong ahead of them, having trusted in myself to be the aggressive rider I knew I could.

I am sure the fortune cookie doesn't know jack- but, how fun is it when you look back in hindsight and find reasons for why you validated the cookie advice. Bottom line: trust your decisions, follow your heart, and give it 110%- as assertive as you can. Don't let life happen to you- take charge and decide for yourself to be all that you want to be and more.

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triclancy said...

The cookie-thingy was RIGHT ON...and the bonus is that, no matter what the hell it says, YOU GET TO EAT THE COOKIE. None of that sucks!! ha!

Thanks for featuring me so promininetly on your site...we are a gorgeous couple you and I *wink,wink*! Oh, and btw, my fav num is #13 too!! Love you!!

Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
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