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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

IM Wisconsin- Race Report

Wow, what a cool event. Probably the toughest event, physically and mentally, I have ever completed. However, that said, I would admit that I have had training days that would have rivaled the difficulty of this race, simply because of the mental toughness required to complete some of those 9-hour bricks by myself in the 100 degree heat. Having 2000 other people there completing the same event, reaching the same great goal, truly helps one keep going. I do have to say that a Lucky Charms Jersey and a really great smile on the entire run also keeps one going, so I have learned. I don't know if I really want to recall all of the events of the weekend, as it might bore you to read. But, basically, coach planned the race for me, and I raced the plan. Nutrition was a 9 on a scale of 1-10. The weather was perfect. I loved it- well, not right after I was done. But, I do want to do it again- the full distance. I have put together a TOP 10 LIST of what ROCKED and what COULD HAVE ROCKED MORE for the race. Check it out and thanks again to all of my awesome friends and family who followed me that day and cheered all of us on.


1. The volunteers.
2. The weather- 78 degrees and sunny.
3. The bike route. Challenging, but some of the coolest riding I have ever done.
4. The town of Verona.
5. Exclusive Bicycles. Thanks to Jeff and Frankie for making me feel at home.
6. Roman Candle Pizza and Wil- Thanks for the pizza, the ziti, the coffee, the breakfast, and the flowers in the Zebra in the room after the race. Very thoughtful.
7. Meeting up with Lynn at the Athletes Dinner and saying "Good Luck" minutes before the race. Giving him a huge hug and seeing the focus and calm in his face through slightly wattery eyes. So proud of that guy!
8. Tri Bike Transport. Loved picking/dropping my bike off right there at the site. Super convenient. Very cool free visor as well.
9. Mexico. 300 Mexican participants and 1 free Mexico Jersey para mi. Gracias a Claudio para la cambio- voy a usarle con suerte.
10. My Lucky Charms Jersey. I seriously had my own fan following with that damn thing. People chanting "lucky charms, lucky charms," who would have thunk it.


1. More Coke on the run course. (just kidding).
2. People in the stands cheering as we ran through the UW football stadium. What a rush, though. You could almost hear the crowd despite the emptiness.
3. More Chamois Butter. You can Always use more Chamois Butter.
4. Seeing Jeremy finish. You rock! Congrats for qualifying for Kona.
5. Having a Surge at the end. I didn't pack one- should have.
6. Running into the arms of a loved one at the finish line.
7. Actually having my mom and sis there to see me- especially to have my sister standing there at the swim exit screaming "go, Erika, go- faster transition, faster transition".
8. Not having my bike break at mile 80.
9. Keeping up with Sean on the bike- actually, good thing I didn't, as I would have blown up. But, Sean, if you know who you are- thanks for the great advice.
10. Having to fly back on Monday. I could have used a few more days with my friends from Kentucky. You know who you are! (J.B.)

Looking forward to doing Vineman and Silverman next year!


Jeff said...

I was wondering if I was going to get a mention....that made me smile. i want to see this plan that has 9 hour bricks b/c i could only make through about 7 hour bricks, but you are tougher than i am. You never really know when a few more days may happen!!

the afore mentioned J.B.

triclancy said...

Rock on girlfriend! I loved your top 10 lists and I'm so overjoyed for you and your success! You continue to amaze and inspire me!! Love you tons!!

Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
SB Tri Finishers- Nice Tiles!