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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Our 5K Team

Today was the 1st practice of our gym's 5K Training Team. We are prepping for the Santa Clarita 5K, which is to be held on November 4th. We have had sign-ups at our gym over the last couple of weeks, getting newbies (new runners) and some more experienced runners to join- all with the goal to finish or at least set a personal record. This is the first time that I have this much involvement training such a wide array of talent and people. It is very evident that many of the team members are hesitant and unsure after the first run today, but I honestly believe that everyone will surpass their goals and have a great race. I saw some great enthusiasm today and honestly, it is just what I needed to squeak out a 4 mile run for myself today after taking 5 days off from my Ironman on Sunday.

No matter your "running" experience, anyone can become a runner. I started with 1 mile just like everyone else. It takes some time to build up to your 5K or 10K, and eventually, maybe your next Marathon- but, with the correct progression and the right motivation (teammates sure help :) You can do it.

Have fun training!

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Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
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