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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ironman Madison, Wisconsin

The night before the Ironman...less than 12 hours before I will wake up before the biggest race of my life. I am sitting in my hotel room, watching the Top 100 1-hit wonders on VH1. I am resting, and trying to "take it easy." It is kind of an oxymoron- to tell a triathlete to relax. That is a good one. Anyway, I am pretty excited and definitely ready to race. Madison is a calm 70 degrees, probably 75 for the high today- 55 degrees for the swim start. 55 above zero. :)

I have a couple of really awesome tangible pieces of motivational material here for me. I have a card from an awesome client of mine, who inspires me more than she knows- her card reads, "I know you can do it! Get out there and show'em your stuff!!- (inside)- well, Not ALL your stuff". I also have a hand scribbled note from a 7 year old girl and her sister who I met at the hotel the night before- that they left on my door yesterday, which reads: "To (blank): I hope you win your race. Love, ?". I also have a text message from my sister, which bottom line- reads, get out there and do your best. Classic Taylor. I love it. Also, Clancy and Mike have both sent me motivational texts. I have some voicemails that I have saved- of course, from Coach Rach, who (surprisingly) didn't say, NOTHING TO IT BUT TO DO IT, but who always says, you are READY and she knows that I will do my best. I have talked to Monty every day and of course I miss his call today so it goes to voicemail. I love it- he says, "go out there and race your plan. If things are not going that well, just change the plan. (laugh, laugh)." Classic Monty. I also have a message from a friend, Sue Fish, who says, "Take it to the bridge" and my uncle/aunt, who remind me to "Be the Ball." Bottom line, when you are with 2000 others who are trying to accomplish the same goal- nothing will stand in your way. That is the motivation you need- just catch the person in front of you, one at a time, saying "I am going to get you, and you, and you".

One of the coolest things about this race is that I am going to be racing with a friend of mine, Lynn Beiswanger, from Bismarck, North Dakota. He is one of the most inspiring people that I have ever had the pleasure to meet and train with. I seriously can't imagine racing my first Ironman with anyone else who has worked and has wanted this so much, so much more than even me. His determination is truly an inspiration and his focus is unparalleled. Good for you, Lynn, to be this ready and to have the health that you do today to compete in this big event. I will be waiting for you to pass me on the bike- that is if you can catch me! :)

Well, I have a dinner date at 7:30 with some pasta and a glass of yummy red wine. Then, up at 3:45am to get myself up, dressed, and off to the race site. I will be back to give a full race report when I am done.

Have a great day and check back by tomorrow for a full report!


Nikki M-M said...

You're rockin' that place. We're following you on 165/2200 out of the H2O- WOW!!

triclancy said...

So, did you get a Kona slot! Hello? 7th AG?? WTF? You are a serious ROCKSTAR!! I'm SO proud of you and am bragging to EVERYONE I know about your IM! Even Terry and Liz are in awe!! You are so great!

Clancy, Mike and I

Clancy, Mike and I
SB Tri Finishers- Nice Tiles!