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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sight in Mind- Visualize

Ever take the time to truly visualize? I mean, I tell my volleyball players that I coach all the time to visualize the serve coming to them, visualize the set, visualize the kill...but, what is VISUALIZATION, truly? My volleyball coach in college once asked:

When you visualize, do you see yourself performing the act that you are visualizing, or do you actually embody- and, or, are you the main character in your visualization? Are you acting, or sitting back and seeing yourself perform the action? I know that I am both. Sometimes, I see myself, or sometimes, I can actually feel myself going through the motions. No one way is better than the other. In fact, some people visualize somebody else, but give that "somebody" the actions that they hope to perform. Anyway you SEE it, here are some tips for step-by-step visualization, which help for your overall focus for any goal you may have.

FIRST...find a quiet place. Allow body to relax and practice calm breathing.

SECOND...close your eyes and visualize a circle. Imagine it getting smaller and smaller and then filling with a color as it is decreasing. Then, imagine another shape, getting smaller, in another color, until it disappears. Do this several times for at least 5-6 shapes.

THIRD...visualize your SETTING. Whether it be for sport, or for any other event in your life, see all the details of the setting- weather, people there, time of day- all details are important.

FOURTH...picture the other people there with you. Your competition. Visualize yourself performing the act that you are trying to accomplish. See the sweat come down your forehead, or feel the running shoes embrace your feet. Taste the gu in your mouth...ok, well, maybe not. But, you get the picture...

FIFTH...see yourself finishing, ending in great performance. Take a few deep breaths and then open your eyes.

The whole process can last at least 10 minutes, to as much as 20 or so. Take your time. That is something that not a lot of people do these days- and, you wonder, why rash decisions are made. Think before you act- see yourself as you always wish you did.

Act with sight in mind.

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Clancy, Mike and I
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